Frico Love


When re-launching the Dutch cheese brand Frico to the UAE and KSA markets, we had to come out with an original way to make the lesser known brand stand out from all of the local processed cheeses on supermarket shelves.

v 8 million Video Views Over 8 million people watched the recipe and ‘Circle of Cheese’ videos with a social engagement of more than 3 million interactions.


With only a generic awareness of cheese – in terms of it being nutritious and tasty – educating consumers about the benefits of natural cheese vs. processed cheese was the main challenge.? The texture and easy spreadability of processed cheese (cream) is seen as an advantage for a quick and easy meal. In this context – to encourage consumers to try a more expensive with a less convenient texture with no perceived nutritional benefits over processed cheese is difficult.? This difficulty is compounded by the fact that Frico has very limited marketing budget to target and engage with the consumers.

We had an opportunity with entering a new media territory by moving the brand away from the cluttered TV space that large FMCG brands favour, and giving consumers a fresh way to engage with a new brand. Our aim was to overcome the barriers to entry and establish Frico as the leading brand in the natural cheese category.


In today’s fast-paced technology-driven world, we are losing out on quality time spent with our families. We wanted to use today's connected society and inject a sense of purpose in to family bonding moments using digital content.? What better purpose than enjoying meals together.? Consumers look for inspiring recipes to make their meal times more enjoyable.? By giving consumers different ideas to enjoy Frico with family – the brand instantly connected with a major trend.?



Before launching the #FricoLove campaign, we built brand awareness through a viral stop motion animation video, Circle of Cheese – which explains the history of cheese and the nutritious benefits of Frico cheeses, on YouTube and Facebook to amplify our message.

We then partnered with Atyab Tabkha, one of the largest food/family Arabic portals targeted at women in the Middle East.? We co-created content that drove engagement & conversation as well as an emotional connection with the brand through family bonding moments.? On a dedicated section called “Family Time” – we encouraged engagement with a rich and fun content experience. We created a series of 24 videos, 48 recipes, Tips and Quizzes to educate and engage the audience.

All video content was driven programmatically on YouTube TruView InStream, Facebook Native Video ads, Video Pre-rolls through Programmatic to drive Awareness and reach - directly replacing TV.

We invited consumers to send in their cherished family moments with Frico using the hashtag #Fricolove to win a family trip to Holland – the origin of Frico cheese.? This was amply supported through social media platforms and display ads to drive conversions on the microsite and get more people involved in the competition.

Our digital efforts were supported by strong in-store visibility and promotions, encouraging supermarket visitors to try out the cheese. Consumers were treated to an interactive Sales pitch via iPad with specially developed app), a Mini-Frico sandwich wrap and information booklet with sandwich recipes from Celebrity Chefs. The FricoBus activation also took the taste on the road, creating a direct experience with the brand outside stores and in popular family picnic destinations. The activation was supported by radio and Facebook event invites to connect our on and offline audiences.

v 8 million Video Views Over 8 million people watched the recipe and ‘Circle of Cheese’ videos with a social engagement of more than 3 million interactions.
$ 34%+ Sales The promotion led to a 30% increase in awareness, the highest of all natural Cheese brands and number 6 overall, leading to a 34% lift in sales post campaign.
U 500,000 Tasters Over 500,000 consumers sampled the taste of Frico on the shop floor
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