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Unlike elsewhere in the world, particularly in the US, pick-up trucks in this region are not regarded as utility vehicles. Product features are not valued for their functional qualities, it’s all about ‘bigger is better’, how the vehicle looks and most importantly, how it performs off road. ?Therefore new technology and improvements to features alone can’t win the ‘hearts’ of our consumers.? This segment is hotly contested and consumers won’t settle for anything less than total fulfillment in a crew-cab, four-wheel-drive, luxury saloon on stilts.? The category has 4 main competitors that dominate in the Middle East; Toyota, Ram, Ford and Chevrolet.

$ 11% + Sales Achieved 11% more sales vs. March 2014 against the target of 8%


Silverado – though with a strong heritage in the market – had to communicate the new technology, innovations and power that had resulted in a price hike for the 2014 and beyond model. Convincing consumers of the added value and benefits while facing stiff competition was the first challenge.

We needed a breakthrough idea to engage with the consumers and bring them back to the showrooms.?

So the consumer base is definitely there in GCC markets, and they have a long founded admiration and positive relationship with Chevrolet trucks – we just needed to REMIND them what the Silverado is all about and communicate its new features to the increasingly discerning consumer.


We recognized the large loyal Silverado fan base (the Truck Owners Club) as a huge opportunity for the brand. For pick-up truck buyers in our region, their trucks are an extension of their personality.? The loyalty they have towards their choice of truck is very high. The only way to influence them to change or upgrade their rides is by demonstrating the superior performance.? This needs to be done in an environment that’s most natural to them as they are hard to reach by traditional media choices.?

The niche target audience would need a personal, relatable and exciting brand experience for the message to come across in as genuine a way as possible.


The ‘Find The Silverado’ campaign was all about showcasing the benefits and added value of the new Silverado in an authentic way.

So we launched a challenge for the true off roaders of the GCC to ‘Find the Silverado’.

Step 1: we created a media driven buzz around ‘#Find the Silverado’ competition across social media and radio – the two most used touch points for our target audience who spend a lot of times in their cars and even more online. Email shots & SMS were delivered to the inboxes of the Silverado owners club and the activation was promoted across digital.

Step 2: 6 locations - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Riyadh, Jeddah, Qatar.?WHERE? The playground of the Middle East – the open desert

Off road junkies were given a set of GPS co-ordinates and instructed to set off on a treasure hunt across the expanse of dunes to ‘Find The Silverado’.?? Once they had overcome the obstacles and found the truck they could on the spot compare and evaluate the features with their own vehicles – and take home off road and camping prizes! All participants also filled out a coupon to test drive the car, and entered to a draw to win the main prize of a Manchester united trip to the UK! Social media drove interest to a wider audience with tweets, posts and shares.

?This desert challenge appealed to the very nature of the target audience, providing them a fun way to enjoy the weekend with like minded individuals and show off their navigation and dune bashing skills.?

$ 11% + Sales Achieved 11% more sales vs. March 2014 against the target of 8%
w 482 Partcipants
l 437K Social Interactions The subject became a trending topic on Facebook generating with the teaser videos generating almost 2 million views
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