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2014 | UAE

Facing stiff competition at the top end of the smart-phone market, Nokia strategically started focusing on low-mid price segments. One of their main consumer segments in the UAE is the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).? Most OFW’s have not seen their family for years, as travel to their homeland is an expensive proposition. Nokia wanted to give back something tangible and valuable to this community of over 700,000 people – keeping in line with the brand promise of “connecting people” without making it seem like a sales activation.

Filipinos in the UAE, much like the rest of the expatriate population, are used to seeing ethnically-neutral communication, especially when it comes from multinational brands that use globally approved imagery.

Though OFW’s are very outgoing and fun, many of them live with profound sadness of being away from their loved ones for long periods of time.? But they are too proud to share this plight, more so if they feel it was going to be used commercially.? They will engage openly only in a trusted environment. This was both a challenge and an opportunity – we aimed to establish a deep connection with the OFW audience by using culturally and emotionally relevant insight

r 600 Entries in 1 week The whole activation was communicated using Filipino specific channels through cultural iconic tek cards – making the campaign a huge success from consumer engagement perspective.


This was not a traditional advertising campaign in that there was no agenda in terms of awareness, consideration or sales. The main objective was to make the community feel special and cared for.? It was important for them to be convinced that this brand truly understands their culture.? The other objective was to provide a few lucky members of the community a once in a lifetime experience. All through this the underlying objective was to provide the community a platform to share their stories and therefore feel connected to each other and bring Nokia’s mission statement of “connecting people” alive.?


The primary insight was that many Overseas Filipino Workers have not seen their families for a long time.? The community prides itself on their close-knit family culture and being away from loved ones is very tough on them.? But the cost of travel is very high.? So many of them sacrifice the opportunity to be with their family.? Instead they send money for them to have a better lifestyle. It’s not uncommon for this community to live in stringent conditions here so that they can save more money.?

The other insight is that Valentine’s Day is a very special family day and being away denies them special moments.? But through this all, Filipinos exhibit a fun attitude and are eager to participate in community bonding activities.




To ensure our communication resonated with the community and demonstrate that we understand their culture – we chose one of their most loved childhood play item – ‘teks cards’ – as the creative icon for this communication.? ?Through these tek cards we told the fictional story of a man, Jun, who reluctantly came to Dubai for better opportunities, leaving behind his wife and child. The teks cards and a promo YouTube video urged the audience to submit their own story to Nokia - about why they left home and how much they yearn to be back with their family - for a chance to win a trip back to the Philippines.

We partnered with ASAP Dubai – a popular music festival featuring rising Filipino music stars.? Through 2 branded video-booths – we encouraged them to record their stories. During the live activation, participants' stories were storyboarded on the spot. Three winners were selected to be flown home to the Philippines and a further 100 lucky ones were able to send flowers to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.?

Their journey was all captured and played out reality show style on The Filipino Channel on TV.


r 600 Entries in 1 week The whole activation was communicated using Filipino specific channels through cultural iconic tek cards – making the campaign a huge success from consumer engagement perspective.
w 114,000 YouTube Views The promo video received over 100 thousand views, very high engagement for a niche audience profile.
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Effie MENA

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